Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fridge Door Tagged

I got tagged for the FRIDGE DOOR Photo blog stream, here is how it take a picture of your fridge door and you talk about what's on it.
Then you tag 2 people to do the I tag Stacey (who just got her own place so has her own fridge now) and Courtney (who also recently got her own place and has her own fridge now).
So the outside of my fridge is a mess. That's because I have a toddler and thusly own a complete set of alphabet and math number magnets only half of which still live on the fridge. The other half I fear are probably lost forever.
Starting at the top and working our way down, above the fridge we have canisters of dry goods, a bucket of coupons and assorted recipe clippings, and a framed picture of the nephews (Aiden & Collin)...who I no longer have fridge magnets for because Layla broke some of them. Also up there is a container of straws, an M&M Easter Bunny left over from Layla's basket and a meat mallet that we use to crush ice.
On the freezer (left to right & top to bottom), a family picture from last year of Jon, Layla and I at a BBQ on the grass, a picture of my god-son Pheonix, a picture of my neice Faith in the snow in Washington, a picture of Cousin Taryn and baby Collin last year at Layla's birthday with a heart magnet, a free zazzle magnet and the word love made from magnetic alphabet letters, (row 2) a picture of my friend Bobbie's 3 kids that she gave me a long time ago (Catie, Kyle and Steven), a picture of the kids on Jon's side of the family (Layla, Faith, Aiden, Collin & Nevaeh)...the numbers underneath our actually their birth order... a picture of Layla on 4th of July with a firecracker headband that I just LOVE, a picture of Cousin Jeromy holding Layla when she was itty bitty and a picture that we just got of Cousin Aiden on his 3rd birthday (held with an A & 3 because I'm funny like that) and an invitation to Kylie's baby shower (Taryn's baby on the way). The week pad we never use unless it's to write myself random notes.
And that's about it... your turn...